PlaySpace Foundation was originally set-up to support the construction of playgrounds and public spaces in the Tranquila slum. Project work commenced in 2006 with community participation, through photographic studies, workshops and interviews with residents, including children.

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In August 2010 the PlaySpace team met with community leaders from Independencia. What started out as an academic initiative quickly turned into something much bigger: the community wanted more than ideas, they wanted real solutions.

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PlaySpace Foundation started work in Pinazo, Pilar in early 2012 as part of the Complex Cities Lab program of Carleton University, Canada. The program included the students travelling to Pinazo to look at the specific site characteristics and community views.

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San Fernando

In San Fernando, our newest project, PlaySpace Foundation is working alongside the municipal government to develop an integrated slum-upgrading strategy. The key focus is on public space for youth.

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