PlaySpace Foundation started work in Pinazo, Pilar in early 2012 as part of the Complex Cities Lab program of Carleton University, Canada. The program included the students travelling to Pinazo to look at the specific site characteristics and community views. Today, the project represents a collaborative effort between PlaySpace Foundation, the Pilar Municipal Government and the community. They are working together towards a neighbourhood improvement strategy, with a particular focus on public space for the development of children and adolescents.

What are we doing?

Since the completion of the academic study, PlaySpace Foundation has continued to collaborate with the community and the Pilar Municipal Government in order to understand the current strengths and challenges of the area, relating to public space and advance with the design of the project. Whilst there are plentiful open private spaces, there are very few accessible public spaces. We therefore aim to develop a community centre and heart of activity where children and adults can interact and recreate. This will be in an uninhabited sector of the community next to Arroyo, Pinazo. It is estimated that construction of the plaza will start in 2013-2014.

Who benefits and why?

Pinazo is comprised of approximately 800 Families, many young and also immigrant groups. The Pinazo Creek runs by the western side of the community, physically separating it from the community Los Tilos. Our hope is that the whole community will benefit from the new plaza and sports facilities of this project.

Project credits

Following the important academic contribution of Carleton University in analysing current conditions and proposing possible solutions, PlaySpace Foundation has continued to collaborate with the Pilar Municipal Government, guided by the town councillor Federico De Achával and community groups.